1 CTRM : our trip to the Paris Region, March 2019

“The driving”:

On Monday, we left Pont l’Abbé at half past seven a.m.

Students drove the trucks to Rambouillet.

A group was late for lunch because they missed a motorway exit!

We arrived at Rambouillet at seven p.m.

The traffic close to Paris was very dense.

Pénéloppe Gaudicheau

Antoine Le Roux

Lucas Domain


 “The Mood of the trip”:

At the beginning of the trip, it was exciting because of the change of road and landscape.

When we arrived at the hostel we were tired because of the long drive.

We were happy to do the differents activities.

This trip was instructive because of the different situations that were happening on the road.

Victor Bolay

Tého Sanassy


“The Bergerie National”:

To enter the National Sheep Farm with the trucks was really complicated.

The rooms were quite old but we slept well in the beds.

In the morning, breakfast was not great because there was no half-salted butter and no coffee.

We went for a walk on the farm and saw different animals. It was very pretty.

Lilian Palud

Maxence Le Vourc’h


“Visiting Rungis Market”:

Rungis is the biggest market in Europe.

We wore a blouse and a protective hat to visit the buildings.

We took the bus to get from one pavillion to another because they were so far apart.

I didn’t enter the flower pavillion because I am allergic to pollen!

The guide told as that it is important to speak English in Rungis.

Brendan Chatendeau

Baptiste Jaouen


« Visiting a company, ASTRE » :

Astre is a big Europen transport hub.

We gathered together in a room to watch a slide presentation.

Then we went around the warehouse.

Then we filmed a palette and then loaded it a on a truck.

We were offered a snack.

The organiser of the visit told us that English is very important in the company and in the transport industry in general.

Maxence Février

Kevin Le Hir


“Visiting  the motorway services: Vinci Autoroute”:

The motorway police unit showed us their interception vehicle, the Megane RS!

I sat in the car, it was impressive and comfortable.

The police explained the penalties you risk if you drink alcohol or take drugs when you drive.

We also saw a heavy duty tow truck and placed traffic cones on the tarmac at a road work.

The tow truck driver told us that it was important to speak English because all nationalities drive on the motorway.

Julien Cornec

Louen Lescop


“The public transport in Paris”:

We travelled from Rambouillet to Paris by train .

There were a lot of people and we couldn’t sit down in the train.

When we arrived in Paris we took the underground .

In the underground we found that there were too many people and too much noise.

Kylian Bodenan

Kilian Calvar


“The National Assembly”:

We went to the National Assembly.

We went through the security door.

We took out all metalic objects from our pockets.

We visited the building and we entered in the hemisphere.

We learned that there are 577 deputies in France.

Charly Vanschoorisse

Romain Stéphan



The karting circuit was located in Trappes.

There were two tracks, one for carting card and the other for racing cars.

We registered our names, then we listenend to the safety instructions.

Then, we drove on the track.

Between the teams, Victor was the champion.

We had a lot of fun.

Léa Pelletier

Kevin Olier